Written by Zhang Xiaoyu,the language teacher of CINB

On June 18 and 19, 2015, Harkins middle school held a spectacular annual talent show,including the Chinese talent show performed by students from Grade 6 and Grade 8. Their wonderful performance included the Chinese drama "Staying by a stump waiting for more hares to come and dash themselves against it" or "Shou Zhu Dai Tu"; poem recitation and chorus "Ode to Goose"; " Sing Beijing Opera Masks" dance; chorus" Jasmine "; “Jasmine” dance, all of which drew thunderous applause and cheers. Especially, the "Jasmine" dance caused a great excitement with the whole audience dancing together. June 19 is my last school day at Harkins, so it’s time to say goodbye to Harkins and Miramichi.

I’m deeply touched by everything HMS and Miramichi has brought to me; I feel happy because of their happiness; I try my best to do everything to express my gratitude, but what they have given to me is far more than what I have expected...

On November 26th, 2014, after a 21-hour journey, I finally reached Miramich,a small city in New Brunswick where I would start my teaching as the Chinese teacher by myself. From the next day until early April, I had gone through the extremely harsh winter in Canada, and as well I had witnessed the Canadian people’s perseverance and optimism. And after the harsh winter gave way to a mild spring, I gained plenty of friends who were actually just like my family!

I still recall the first period when I just arrived at Harkins middle school. People here were friendly, nice and warm-hearted, but they only had limited knowledge of China. I realized that as the first Chinese teacher at this school, and as a layman in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, all that I can do was to work hard and communicate with people with my heart. Step by step, little by little, I found more and more positive topics and opinions about China at Harkins. I will always remember February 18, 2015, my first Chinese New Year without my family members. On that day, I made dumplings and watched the Spring Festival gala together with students; on that day, almost everyone in Harkins greeted me: happy New Year! I will always remember June 8, 2015, the first Chinese culture exposition with the whole school involved. We together set up stations in the gym, and together danced bamboo dances. I won’t forget the wood sleigh ride with the purple team on March 25, 2015; I won’t forget the first trip to Fredericton with the blue team on June 11, 2015; I won’t forget every day’s rehearsal with the blue team and girls and boys from Grade8; I won’t forget students’ curious eyes for new knowledge, their excited expressions, their cheerful smiles, and their hard work! Yes, I’ll always remember the talent show on June 18, 2015.

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival or Duanyang Festival, together with Chinese Lunar New Year and Mid-autumn Festival, are considered as three most important festivals for Chinese descendents. Three of the most widespread activities for Duanwu Festival are eating (and preparing) zongzi, hanging Aicao and racing dragon boats. On June 16th, a special dragon boat race was held in WRES, all the Grade 4 and Grade 5 students participated in the Race. 

Prior to the race, 4-A class led all the students singing two songs in Chinese, showing their remarkable achievement in Chinese learning. Mrs. Teng Jing, director of CINB, was very impressed by the students’ singing. The students showed great passion and teamwork in the race. After the race, Miss Cheng, the volunteer Chinese teacher, led all the students and staff to do the dragon boat dance along with the music.

The whole program was students-centered and highly-interactive, which enabled the students to experience Chinese festivals and customs by themselves and to become more open-minded toward diversities.

Written by Zhang Xiaoyu

On June 8, 2015, the Chinese language teacher Zhang Xiaoyu of CINB organized a Chinese Culture Exposition at Harkins Middle School in Miramichi, which is the first time for both HMS and Miramichi and also is the first exposition for Ms. Zhang.

 There were about 20 student projects involving different aspects of Chinese culture, made by students from Grade 6 and Grade 8. And they were divided into different stations: Paper-cutting station, Blue-and-White Porcelain station, Blowing-painting station, Beijing Opera Masks fabrication station, Chinese Cuisine station, Calligraphy station, Folk handicraft station, station of introduction of the major cities in China, chopstick practice station, station of the history of traditional Chinese garments, station of Chinese Zodiacs and Chinese Lunar New Year, Tea ceremony station, Chinese Kung Fu station, Pinyin cards station. Each station took their assignment seriously, and they dressed up in costumes, wore masks to teach and demonstrate what they have learned from the Chinese class to students from other grades who took turns to participating in activities and finding whatever station they had interest to learn and practice. And also they had a chance to try some Chinese food made by Grade 8 students. Each group was scheduled to stay for about 20 minutes. And 5 minutes before they left, as the music was on, Grade 6 students danced the bamboo dancing, inviting all the others to get involved. All of the students and teachers were joyful and cheerful. During this event, there were also some visitors from other schools, and news reporter Julia Lovett from Miramichi Leader. All of them were engaged by miscellaneous Chinese handicrafts and impressed by students’ projects and performance.

 This Chinese Culture Exposition was an effort to put students’ knowledge to practice, and the principal of HMS, Jennifer Sullivan said it had been a very successful Chinese culture exposition for being the first at HMS. 

 Ms. Teng Jing, the Director of CINB, and Ms. Heather Wallace from AEI took part in the Culture Exposition too and they were impressed by it and gave it a high evaluation.

On June 12, 2015, Spring Chinese Culture Gala was held in  Edith Cavell School ,Moncton.The volunteer Chinese teacher Mou Chunxiao  organized  the students to perform Chinese traditional performances in the gala .

The Gala started with the Chinese Square Dance Little Apple played by 20 students of grade 3 and went to the closing by the beautiful melody of the Butterfly Lovers. The whole stage was totally decorated by the art works made by students who attended Chinese art classes. Colourful butterfly lanterns and gorgeous Chinese traditional painting fans highlighted a kind of native Chinese flavor.

Grade 6 and Grade 7 students played the piano Liu Yang River and the Butterfly Lovers respectively. A group of Grade 7 students sang the Jasmine Flower song together .And the most eye-catching program is the grade 5 students and their teacher reading the Chinese poem. 

This is the first time that Edith Cavell carry out Chinese program and the principal said it was so meaningful that she would like to continue this project next semester.

At the meanwhile ,Teng Jing ,the director of Confucius Institute of New Brunswick took part in the gala to present the school a Chinese gift offered by Hanban .She said she was deeply impressed by the performance and spoke highly of the volunteer teacher’s work. 

新布伦瑞克省蒙克顿市Edith Cavell 学校成功举办中国主题校会

On May 25, 2015, the Kung Fu Teacher Mr. Fei Fazhou and the Volunteer Chinese Teacher Cao Xi in CINB attended the “Multicultural Day” of Nashwaaksis Middle School in Fredericton.

During the event, Mr. Fei performed Tai Ji for the whole school which shocked the audiences. For many teachers and students here, this was the first time to see the live demonstration of Tai Ji, they all admired it .Later, Chinese culture exhibition booth also aroused wide concern. Many students came to play Chinese fan and umbrella, think about the Chinese ring puzzle and tangram, practice how to use Chinese writing brush and chopsticks. All the Chinese staff were just so interesting that the students could hardly put them down.

This activity not only provided a good chance for the teachers and students in Nashwaaksis Middle School to know more and understand more about Chinese culture. It also laid a good foundation for Chinese teaching in this school.