Written by Zhang Xiaoyu

On November 26, 2015, "Multicultural Night" was held as scheduled at Liverpool Street school. The Chinese director Li Minhong, Chinese language teacher Zhang Xiaoyu and volunteer teacher Cao Xi of CINB attended the event. This is the second time for CINB to spread Chinese culture at this school while the first time dates back to 2013 "Multicultural Night" of Liverpool Street school. At that time and before, there was no Chinese class being offered there. And at the end of that event, the Vice Principal Mr. Wiggins thanked CINB for their attendance, and expressed the thought of starting Chinese culture teaching at their school. With a joint effort of CINB, AEI and the local education department, this desire has realized in two years. In September 2015, after finishing her teaching job for the promotion of Chinese language and Chinese culture in Miramichi, CINB Chinese language teacher Zhang Xiaoyu began her new challenge in Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick. She has teaching tasks at two schools ---Bliss Carman middle school and Liverpool Street school, so to some degree, this cultural night marked the first real cooperation of CINB and Liverpool Street school. 

2015 Liverpool Street school’s "Multicultural Night" is divided into two parts, culture exhibition and cultural talent show. Participating groups come from all over the world, India, Israel, China, Vietnam, Russia, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Arab, etc., with miscellaneous handicrafts, food and fantastic performances, which accord with the theme of "multicultural integration". Among them, Chinese culture booth had gained much attention, and many students came to try writing Chinese characters with the brush under the direction of the Chinese teachers, experiencing the art of Chinese calligraphy. Many parents and other participating groups stood by the Chinese culture booth, discussing the Chinese culture with teachers of CINB, and creating a joyous atmosphere.

The small climax came when students sang the Chinese song "where is my friend" under the guidance of Mrs. Zhang Xiaoyu, which won a lot of praises and burst of applause from the audience. Because that very day was America’s Thanksgiving Day, students began to invite their parents and teachers to join the song together, shaking hands with each other, hugging and saying thanks to each other. Almost everyone picked up their phone, camera and video to take pictures of this memorable moment. 

Even after the event was over, there are still many parents and children lingering around the Chinese booth. Mr. Peter Wiggins expressed his heartfelt thanks again, gave a high praise to Mrs. Zhang’s Chinese teaching at this school, and further expressed that they would provide more supports for Chinese teaching and Chinese culture promotion.

Because of work’s needs, I came to Miramichi from Fredericton on August26th ,2015. I live with an old man who is also the neighbor of Harkins Middle School’s principal . Landlord,Donald,is a very kindhearted and nice person, he offered me various of convenience in order to make me feel happy to live here. Jennifer who is the principal of Harkins Middle School is a very friendly lady and also an excellent principal. In particular, she has strong China complex ,because her mother-in-law is Chinese people who came to Canada from China,so Jennifer’s husband is also half Chinese,and their daughter has a quarter of Chinese descent. With the help of principal, I ‘m familiar with the school’s colleagues and environment as soon as possible . This city is not very big and has three directs. The house I rent is not very far from school and downtown making my life here very convenient.

Harkins Middle School is a English and French bilingual School, 320 students in total,15 classes. At first , principal asked me to listen PE teacher’s lessons to know how they teaching. After listening on round I started to exhibit Chang Quan and Taichi . The kids in middle school’s age are usually like foot ball and basket ball and so on. They are very interested in Chinese martial arts,but they can not understand totally what is Chang Quan or Chinese martial art. I order to make they have more chance to know Chinese Cultures, I talked with principal if I can teach every class,but she refused. Because she thought to find some good classes to learn. However, I was thinking I’m here , it’s better to make every student has chance to know different cultures. So I intended to teach all students around the school, and we started to try. 

I shared the students with PE teacher, half students with him ,half with me,and switch next time. I felt tired but fulfillment after the whole day’s lessons. Karate and taekwondo are popular here,so I combined bisic Chinese kongfu movements that made students are interested in.

Harkins Middle School’s schedule is very special ,they use six days course schedule,but actually they have five school days which keeping the sixth day’s schedule . There is a good advantage that they can go on the schedule in case of the special situation and make sure to finish all the plans. However ,this brought me difficulties in some degree, because I have to remember where is my class every time. I planed basic training ,Body coordination exercises,short routine exercise and games to make the lesson more interesting,which makes students gain more.

November26th ,2015 is a big day for me. I held the activity calling “ Play Taichi Together” around school,and leaded all students to play Taichi in the gym. The director of CINB, Ms. Teng Jing came here and brought the customs for students.

Principal Jennifer gave opening speech and let me give a speech too. I was very excited when I saw all the students wearing CINB’s T-shirt and played Taichi With me together. With the music of Taichi  ,we started with Fist-palm salute and greeting with each other in Chinese. I lead students to do Pranayama techniques, Taichi routines. All students felt comfortable and proud. Local journalist also came to interview and reported this activity. We made a very big success ,and all the teachers and students said  CINB made Chinese martial arts to put down roots here. I was very proud when principal said “these kids will still remember this scene after many years ... ”

The 3rd International Teaching Conference of Confucius Institute &Classrooms in North America (2015) was held in Edmonton ,Canada from Oct16 to 18. Foreign director Miss TengJing ,Chinese director Miss Li Minhong, Canadian pianist Roger Lord and Chinese teacher Jiang Jie joined this conference. 

This conference included visiting bilingual classrooms,professors’ speech,and topic discussion etc. It not only discussed oversea Chinese teaching method deeply,but also showed the teaching achievement.CINB teacher Jiang Jie gave a presentation”The standardization of High School Chinese Credit Course in New Brunswick Canada—Taking Saint John High Schools’ Chinese Course as an Example”. Canadian pianist Roger Lord played two songs at the Golden Autumn Gala. 

Confucius Institute in New Brunswick  held a large scale conference in Fredericton on Nov17th ,2015. More than 40 officers and principals from schools which setting Chinese teaching program as well as Deputy Minister of New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development all attended this event. At the same time , this is also an opening for CINB 2015 board meeting.

This event is presided by CINB Director , Ms. Teng Jing. She firstly welcomed all the guests and said thanks to all who supported and helped CINB Chinese program. Then reported our achievement from 2007 which got guests warm applause. Mr. John McLaughlin, Deputy Minister of New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Dr. Francis Pang, President of AKD International, Mr.Dannis Cochrane, President of AEI, Ms. Dawn Weatherbie Vice president of AEI, Executive Director of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick, joined the dinner and each delivered a speech, appreciating CINB’s efforts in promoting Chinese culture and language in New Brunswick. At the same time they also showed their supports and will to popularize Chinese program and extend influence.

This conference is in the form of dinner so that all the guests communicated Chinese program’s development among different schools and directs. At the same time, people can study from each other and make progress together. During the dinner, all the teachers from CINB sang the beautiful song Jasmine Flower leading by Professor. Li Min Hong, Chinese director of CINB and Mr. Fei Fa Zhou brought a wonderful Tai Ji performance along with the music  which makes our dinner even better.

This conference not only improved the communication between CINB and schools from different directs, but also offered a chance for different schools who can learn from each other. It indeed makes a positive effort for the development of Chinese program even makes a brilliant long bridge for Confucius Institute’s Chinese teaching and Chinese Culture transmission around New Brunswick.

On October 11th, during Thanksgiving Day, CINB student Roger Lord, a famous pianist ,held his piano concert in Dieppe . There are more than 300 people joined. Roger introduced China to the audience on his concert.He said he had been to china 25 times in these ten years, he loves China deeply and is totally admired Chinese music. He played severe songs which launched in 2013,and he also payed “little Zizyphi” with his student. Local Chinese friends also prepared mooncakes during break time. Roger also autographed CD copy sale. On Oct17, on behalf of CINB He will play two Chinese songs during North America teaching conference. At the time of 45th anniversary of  diplomatic relations between China and Canada , we hope this Canada piano prince will do more contribution .

Roger Lord 在迪亚普举办钢琴音乐会