In the morning of January 31 and February 1 , 2017, there were two “Chinese New Year Celebration” holding at Liverpool Street and Forest Hill Elementary School in Fredericton of New Brunswick. All seats have been occupied in the gym of two schools to celebrate the Chinese new year. All people of schools participated in this activity, as well as CINB Chinese teacher Miss. Jingli Wang, Mrs. Yanmei Li, Miss. Xiaochan Zheng, even Chinese families gathering together to enjoy the “Chinese New Year Celebration”.

Liverpool Street Elementary School’s Chinese New Year Celebration

In the morning of January 31, all people of Liverpool Street Elementary School, including the Principal, teachers and students were getting together to celebrate Chinese new year. The principal, Mrs. Jennifer addressed this activity and expressed her gratitude to Chinese teacher Miss. Jingli Wang to bring a lot of Chinese language and Chinese culture to school, as well as wished all people happy Chinese new year. 

February 1, Chinese couplets, zodiac, paper cutting, lanterns and other typical Chinese decorations were arranged in every corner of the Edith Cavell school, from kindergarten children to junior high school students were prepared a very good performance, celebrated the Chinese New Year with the whole school’s students and teachers.

Accompanied by melodious music, the students waving dragon into the center of the stage, attracted everyone’s warm cheers and applause, the Chinese New Year show also opened the curtain. Kindergarten children showed their homemade chicken mask and the dragon mask, G1-2 performed a scarf dance and Chinese songs. When the host introduced one of the customs about Chinese new year is give red envelopes to each other, the students gave their well-made red envelopes with most sincere blessing to their classmates and teachers around. A very popular Chinese song was performed by G3-4 students. Confucius Institute martial arts teacher Mr Guan was invited to perform for the teachers and students of the Chinese martial arts. The two-person handkerchief was played by G5-6, G7-8 students brought us a model fashion show, also draw a perfect ending for the New Year.

Mrs Teng Jing, Director of the Confucius Institute, was invited to participate in the event, she gave everyone New year’s wish and hoped to strengthen the cooperation with Edith Cavell School. Edith Cavell Principal Ms Donna expressed her high praise for the Chinese New Year show and expressed her admiration for the work of the Confucius Institute volunteer teachers in the past three years.

From December 10th to 11st, the 11th Confucius Institute Conference was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Mrs.  Yandong Liu, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council and chairman of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches to the Confucius Institutes, and presented awards to the advanced individuals and advanced units of the worldwide Confucius Institutes. CINB was awarded the "Advanced Confucius Institute". In this conference, 25 advanced Confucius Institutes and 5 advanced Confucius Classrooms were commended. CINB is the only awarding institution in Canada.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Roger Lord, a distinguished student of CINB, and his Chinese partner,who is a flute professor Mr. Qiang Zheng, played a classic Chinese song The Flowing Stream together. The wonderful performance won applauses. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Roger Lord shared his experience of learning Chinese as a advanced student of Confuse institute. His speech made more than 2,400 representatives from over 140 countries and regions moved.

--CINB held the Chinese Teaching Seminar On the January 9, 2017, at the beginning of the new year, Confucius Institute in New Brunswick held a teaching and research seminar in Fredericton. The meeting was chaired by CINB foreign director Ms. Teng Jing, inviting the Deputy Minister of Education of New Brunswick, President of AEI, Director of CINB, Mr. John· McLaughlin, Assistant of Deputy Minister, Chris Treadwell, Vice president of AEI, Executive Director of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick, Mrs. Dawn Weatherbie, Western and Northern Education Bureau Officials and all the Chinese teachers and Chinese teacher Volunteers attended this meeting. All the teachers and volunteer teachers shared their valuable teaching experience from the past semester, discussed and made plans for teaching and culture activities for next semester.

At the beginning of the meeting, on behalf of AEI, Mrs. Dawn Weatherbie welcomed all the teachers from CINB and remarked on their hard work and joint effort in promoting Chinese language and culture all around New Brunswick. She expressed her gratitude and her New Year blessings to Mrs. Jing Teng and all the Chinese teachers.

During the meeting, every teacher made a PowerPoint presentation based on their own experience and life, working at different schools and with students from different levels. They came up with an individualized teaching method and advice. The Chinese teachers, Mrs. Xiaoyu Zhang, Tian tian and Yanmei Li shared their work experience, family life and camp up with the beneficial suggestion for Chinese teaching of CINB. As a Kung fu teacher, Mr. Yuqi Guan put forward his own suggestion about how to let Kung fu come into Chinese class. Combing with local conditions, the music teacher, Miss. Xiaochan Zheng shared a great plan about writing out a teaching syllabus of Chinese music that is suitable for local students.

——Canadian Pianist 

From October 12 to 20, 2016, Mr. Roger Lord, who hailed as “The piano Prince of Canada”, respectively went to Beijing, Qufu, Jinan, and Xiamen hold four wonderful performances with the accompany of Foreign Director of Confucius Institute of New Brunswick (CINB), Mrs. Jing Teng, and they have achieved complete success on this meaningful trip.

 Mr. Roger Lord is the professor of piano at the Moncton University now. Before he learned music in Canada and France, and received the Doctorate of McGill. Hailed as “The piano Prince of Canada” by the China Daily, some of his performance took place in world renowned venues such as Great Hall of the People located on Tiananmen Square and the Zhongshan Park Concert Hall in Beijing. 

 He has a particular interested in Chinese Culture and music and has released a CD named “Chinese Treasures” recording of Chinese piano music in 2012 with the help of CINB and China national radio studio. Mr. Roger Lord has been to many places in China, he enjoys his trip and love China very much. As the Chinese learner of CINB, he hopes that there are more and more people can listen to his music and his playing Chinese music as well. To promote China-Canada friendship is what he wants to do. 

1. First Show in Canadian International School of Beijing

 On the October 12, 2016, Mr. Roger Lord came to the Canadian International School of Beijing for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the school. Even the premier of Canadian province of New Brunswick, Mr. Brain Grant who was on his friendly visiting in China specially came here to celebrate with them. They met each other and got warmly talking. He expressed his sincere thanks to Confucius Institute to bring great Chinese Programs and promoted the development of culture diversity. And thanks to Mr. Roger Lord for what his doing to pass China-Canada friendship. In the Evening of concert, Mr. Brain Grant, the school leader and all the student with their family watched the pianist show and enjoyed it a lot.