The Chinese Director of CINB arrived in Moncton On March 9th. Accompanied by Foreign Director, Superintendent of CINB, Ms. Teng Jing, Mr. Dai visited the AEI office of the capital city, Fredericton and had a cordial meeting with local education officials on the 22nd. John McLaughlin, Deputy Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development of New Brunswick, President of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (CINB), Vise President of AEI, the Executive Director of CINB, Mrs. Dawn Weatherbie, warmly welcomed the arrival of Mr. Dai and gave important talks. The education officials pointed out that they place great expectations on that CINB will have a bright future and maintain sustainable development. It is believed that the efforts of the two Chinese and foreign directors to make joint efforts will enable the CINB to achieve better development.

It has been a year and a half since I became a member of the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick in 2016. Throughout the day, I, a little volunteer who knew nothing had been trained as a young and active teacher. When I look back, I would say I am so lucky. The Chinese teaching in our province has completely entered the local teaching system and realized the full coverage of the entire teaching chain from kindergarten to university. Multi-level Chinese teaching provides a broad space for teaching practice. This is an ideal "test field" for Chinese teaching. At the same time, however, pressure and opportunity are always coexisting. To hold on to this world and promote Chinese language teaching requires every volunteer to carry out efficient, innovative, and sustainable teaching practices.
In my initial teaching work, I kept using a consistent teaching method from former volunteers. For elementary and middle school students, the teaching content is mainly cultural experience, supplemented by Chinese language teaching. For high school students, mainly we focus on conversational Chinese teaching. This kind of targeted teaching plan has enabled me to begin teaching Chinese for the first time, and I have gradually entered my students' world. A variety of interesting cultural experience activities have improved students' interest in learning. Vivid and flexible oral teaching has provided possibilities for children to speak up. Over time, this way of teaching in different ways has made my classroom have more children.

On March 1, the Headquarters of Confucius Institute/Hanban hosted the successful camp of the "Chinese trip• Chinese dream", jointly organized by Qufu Normal University and Confucius Institute in new Brunswick, Canada. Members of the visiting delegation who came from mandarin credit class of high schools and university night class visited, studied, experienced and exchanged Chinese culture in Beijing and Qufu. The schedule included Chinese culture and language learning and Chinese traditional culture. The cultural and practical explorations of Chinese and foreign student exchanges and folk-custom experience activities were included on this journey. This showed the Chinese and foreign parties' distinctive thinking on Chinese culture and education and the profound friendship between the Chinese and Canadian peoples.
New Brunswick is located in eastern Canada and has always attached importance to the exchanges and cooperation between China and Canada. Since the Confucius Institute has been operating for 11 years, under the joint efforts of Chinese and foreign cooperative agencies and the teachers and students of the Confucius Institute, it has actively explored and dared to innovate. The vertical education in the primary school cultural class, the high school secondary school class, and the university Chinese class has formed a horizontally extended learning model accompanied by Chinese cultural and educational activities.

On March 7th, Ms. Teng Jing, the dean and the foreign language director of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick made a report entitled “The International Perspective of Foreign Language Teachers”at the the Public Foreign Languages Department. Dean Teng introduced the teaching situation of the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick in detail and highly praised the excellent performance of Chinese volunteer teachers from Qufu Normal University. With her personal experience, Dean Teng interpreted Canadian culture and made valuable suggestions on Sino-Canadian cultural exchanges and Chinese language teaching. At the same time, Dean Teng encouraged all teachers to actively participate in Chinese teaching and cultural communication in the Confucius Institute. After the meeting, the teachers conducted further exchanges with Dean Teng on the subjects such as Chinese teaching, how to apply for the international Chinese teacher and Canadian culture.
The Chinese teachers demonstrated excellent demeanor. Chinese and Canadian culture had great exchanges . During the visit to Qufu Normal University, Teng Jing, foreign dean of the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick, Canada, and an excellent international Chinese volunteer and the members of the Canadian delegation to China made a speech entitled “Listen to the world and tell The Chinese story well at he International Chinese Teacher Volunteer Story Sharing Conference. They shared their story of teaching in New Brunswick with all the teachers and students. Vice President of Qufu Normal University, Xin Jie ,attended the meeting and made a welcome speech. Liang Meiling, director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Division hosted the sharing session. The sharing session was popular and attracted more than 500 university students in the conference hall. They had shown their warmest welcome to the Canadian delegation, listened to their speeches and interacted with the Canadian student groups.

Once a time a year, the beautiful lanterns catch the eyes, the glutinous rice balls tempt the tongues. New Brunswick Confucius Institute at Saint John campus held attractive Lantern festival celebrations. The Lantern Festival celebrations lasted for half a month, and has successfully concluded on March 19th, 2018. Thanks for all the supports and helps of school leaders and CINB leaders and teachers.

This event includes four parts respectively, Lantern Festival custom experiencing, lantern producing, lantern riddles guessing, and online "CINB Lantern Star" voting. Students from the mandarin class researched the origin and customs of the Lantern Festival, and tasted the glutinous rice balls as well. Additionally, with the help of the art teachers and mandarin teacher, they designed and completed producing of lanterns. The Students combined Chinese pinyin, Chinese characters and the essence of Chinese traditional culture with the lanterns and turn them into vivid traditional Chinese lanterns. Combined with the old traditions and innovative ways, the ancient culture comes to life again.

This time, New Brunswick Confucius Institute at Saint John campus came up with an innovative idea, to display the lanterns both in the school and online. When in the school, the lanterns are displayed in the hall way and library of their schools, where all the students can appreciate lanterns and participate in the Lantern Riddle guessing easily, thus the three schools are all immersed in the Festival atmosphere. Besides that, online voting for CINB Lantern Star is also started.30 different lanterns are displayed online, and everyone can vote for the best one, with the voting results, the top three will be chosen.

Online "CINB Lantern Star" received a lot of attention. 30 students participated in the online voting program. In only 5 days, the Website has been visited for nearly 8000 times, the lanterns earned almost 1000 “likes”. Myles St. Pierre and Brittney Gallant from St. Malachy's Memorial High school student won the first place and the third place, Mexican students Sergio Hernandez Ramos from Harbor View High School got a second with 228 “likes”. Mandarin students passed along the festival spirit to their families, friends, classmates, teachers via the internet, the spirit has even been spread to every part of Saint John, Canada, China, the United States, even Mexico. The whole world are celebrating the Lantern festival together!