1. "Dance the Oriental Charm, Show the Chinese Brilliance."
On December 1st, Liang Jiayi, a volunteer teacher of CINB, and Wang Jingli, a Chinese teacher, were invited to attend the annual large-scale handicraft exposition of Lester Primary School, bringing a wonderful show of Chinese culture. In addition to exhibiting students' works of Chinese art on the theme of Christmas in school, Wang Jingli and four Chinese class students set up a Chinese cultural exhibition stand and played the music "Fern Leaf Bamboo in the Moonlight". Four treasures of study, chopsticks, paper-cut, pandas, and "Big Head Pictures of Peking Opera" attracted people to come to "figure everything out". The students of the Chinese dance class performed the mix dance the Chinese and Western combination. The opening of the Oriental "Star and Moon Myth" and the ending of the Western "Panama" won a lot of applause. Liang Jiayi's final performance combining folk dance and Chinese Tai Chi elements produced an "Oriental Charm" with the combination of strength and softness.