Golden pigs bring blessings; colorful flowers welcome the spring. On February 2nd, people in Moncton observed the grand opening of the Chinese New Year Gala. CINB sponsored and participated in it. Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health of the Federal Government, Ernie Steeves, Minister of Finance of NB Government, Cathy Rogers, MLA for Moncton South, Dawn Arnold, Mayor of Moncton, Yvon Lapierre, Mayor of Dieppe,Ann Seamans, Mayor of Riverview, Gregg Ingersoll, Superintendent of the Anglophone East School District, principals of program participating schools, together with the local Chinese-Canadians, celebrated the Chinese New Year.

The celebration is divided into two stages: the garden party and the performance. The garden tour starts at noon. There are various stalls on both sides of the church corridor, such as Chinese chess, shuttlecock, couplets and shadow play… Various Chinese traditional cultural projects attract audience to explore them. The crowds are bustling and lively. The exhibition booth of CINB displays tea art, shuttlecock, Chinese chess, chopstick games and so on. No matter who they are, the white-haired elderly or the toddlers, when they pass by, they would stop to appreciate a cup of tea, or learn to play chess, or challenge chopsticks to clamp table tennis. If they make it they cheer for success. In addition, the special photo wall area takes month as the axis to review and display the work of Confucius Institute in 2018, which vividly narrates the achievements of teaching and activities of CINB with rich and detailed pictures.

The New Year Gala begins at 4 p.m. Ten students from Rexton Elementary School and Eleanor W. Graham Middle School, ten students from Riverview East School and Riverview High School in East School District, under the leadership of Liang Jiayi and Wang Jingli, present a wonderful program Huo Yuanjia. The program takes Jay Chou's homonymous repertoire as the background music and martial arts performance as the main line by combining popular hip-hop dance, cheerleading and Peking Opera singing, which creatively shows the charm of martial arts, the tolerance and intercommunication of Canadian multiculturalism through the collision of Chinese and Western cultures and the final harmonious dance. The program was originally arranged by volunteer teacher Liang Jiayi, with the vigorous support of Liu Xiaowei, a Chinese teacher, and Xu Mengke, a volunteer teacher. After nearly a month of rehearsal and preparation by the two school districts, the Chinese Wushu is finally performed exquisitely by the witty and lovely Western faces, which injects the factors of multi-culture into the New Year Gala, pushes the atmosphere of the party to a climax and conquers the audience.

In his speech, the director of Education Bureau of East School District points out that, as the first Education Bureau to offer Chinese courses, he thanks director Teng Jing for opening the first Chinese class in Moncton in 2007. After years of hard work, it has developed from 14 students at that time to more than 6,000 people in the whole province, and the Chinese syllabus has been successfully incorporated into the education system of New Brunswick. While congratulating, he thanks the Confucius Institute for bringing opportunities for NB to learn from the world, and thanks the Chinese for bringing a variety of cultures.

The success of CI performance cannot be achieved without the support of all sides. Students who come a long way from Rexton of the North School District, , are quite "new" as the school just started Chinese language course in 2018. The principal and parents accompanied them from the training stage. On the day of the performance, two children have got fever, but they still insist on performing. Riverview East School is a new member of the old school district. Mr. Roger, the principal, specially arranges classrooms and time for students to rehearse. He often observes the rehearsal and encourages students.

Local teachers and parents in the teaching sites of Confucius Institute have been supporting, and many alumni of CI also come happily, including Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Daniel, a Chinese class student at Monckton University, and his family, Eric and his wife, Erica, Audree, etc. They all want to take this opportunity to have a closer contact with Chinese culture and convey their New Year blessings to CI. Song Peiyun, a student of CI, won the first prize in the Chinese Classical Poetry Reading Competition of Canadian "Confucius Institute Cup", also came to the event. Dai Zunfeng, the Chinese director, presented her a certificate and the prize. CINB has won unanimous praise from everyone. They believe that the whole event not only demonstrates the high level of professionalism of CINB teachers, but also embodies the role of CINB in the cultural exchanges between China and Canada, and spreads them on the fertile soil of multiculturalism. It has also witnessed the bloom of Chinese culture in an exotic land.

中西同聚别样辞旧迎新 武术洋娃齐贺猪年大吉

      金猪献瑞,百花迎春,2月2日,新省孔子学院赞助并参与的大蒙克顿华人春节晚会隆重举行。加拿大联邦国会议员杰内特.佩蒂帕.泰勒(Ginette Petitpas Taylor),新省财政厅长厄内.斯蒂福斯(Ernie Steeves),新省议员凯西.罗杰斯(Cathy Rogers),蒙克顿市长道恩.阿诺德(Dawn Arnold), 迪亚普市长伊万.莱皮尔(Yvon Lapierre),河景市长安.司满思(Ann Seamans),东部学区教育局局长格莱格.英格索尔(Gregg Ingersoll),孔院节目参演学校校长及学生家长,同当地华人一道观看演出,同庆中国新年。
      下午4点春晚正式开始,来自北部学区雷斯顿小学 (Rexton Elementary School)、伊利格莱姆中学 (Eleanor W. Graham Middle School) 的十名学生,和东部学区东河景学校(Riverview East School)、河景高中(Riverview High School)的十名学生,在孔院教师梁嘉怡和王静丽的带领下,一并为大家献上了精彩节目《霍元甲》。节目以周杰伦同名曲目为背景音乐,以武术表演为主线,融合了流行街舞、啦啦操和京剧唱腔等内容,其创意是通过中西文化的碰撞却最终和谐共舞的形式,来展现武术的魅力及加拿大多元文化的包容与互通。节目由志愿者教师梁嘉怡的创意编排,得到了汉语教师刘晓唯和志愿者教师许梦可的大力配合,经过近一个月两个学区通力合作的排练与筹备,最终俏皮可爱的西方面孔用精湛的表演舞出了中华武术的气势,为春晚注入了多元文化交融的因子,将晚会氛围推向高潮,征服了全场观众。
      孔院本次演出的大获成功离不开各方的通力支持。远道而来的北部学区的雷斯顿(Rexton),作为18年刚刚开设汉语课程的“新人”,从训练阶段起校长、家长便全程陪同,演出当天有两个孩子发烧,但是还坚持带病上阵。东河景学校(Riverview East School)是老学区中的新成员,校长罗杰(Roger)先生特意安排专门的教室和时间供学生排练,并时常观看训练,鼓励学生。