1. “Mandarin teacher parts reluctantly with the old school, principal and teachers say farewell and wish him a good new journey”
April 2nd, volunteer teacher Chen Zhisheng completed his six-month course in Chinese culture and language at Connaught Street School in Fredericton. Barb Corbett, the principal, on behalf of the school and all the teachers, thanked Chen Zhisheng for the rich and colorful experience of Chinese language and culture curriculum he brought, which helped the students understand Chinese language and culture and enrich their classroom activities. Meanwhile, the principal also expressed good expectations for Chen’s upcoming Chinese course at George Street Middle School. The principal said that through one semester of Chinese learning, students gained a lot. He believed that the students of the new school would also like Chinese language and culture courses, and he wished everything went well.
2. “Multicultural schools embrace multiculturalism and Mandarin teachers take root again”
Earlier this month, Chinese teacher Chen Junfeng and volunteer teacher Chen Zhisheng met with the principal Pierre Plourde at George Street Middle School. They exchanged views on the opening of Chinese language and culture courses, future cooperation between the school and Confucius Institute, language learning and student training, etc. The Principal said: “I am very grateful to Confucius Institute for providing such an opportunity, not only to enrich students’ classroom activities, but also to broaden students’ multi-cultural horizons. As far as education itself is concerned, understanding and benefiting from multiculturalism is conducive to enhancing students’ international perspective. The school is the most multicultural school in the province. It has students from all over the world. Other excellent Mandarin teachers from Confucius Institute are also welcome to work in the school.”