I. “Folk songs are sung like spring rivers flow;Golden pigs bring their blessings and ring out the old year”
On February 2nd, the Chinese Spring Festival Gala was held in Playhouse. Ms. Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, Mr. Mike O’Brien, Mayor of Fredericton, Mr. Chris Treadwell, Assistant of the Deputy Minister of Education of New Brunswick, Ms. Dawn Weatherbie, Vice President of Atlantic Education International and Executive Director of CINB, Ms. Teng Jing, Superintendent of CINB, arrived at the scene to celebrate the festival with teachers and students.

Under the guidance of Chen Junfeng, a Chinese teacher, three girls from the Chinese class of Leo Hayes High School and students from the dance club of the trilingual school completed the circular fan dance and recited the ancient Chinese poem “Jianjia”. Children's dance was lively and lovely, high school students articulated clearly and accurately. They won unanimous praise from the audience. Sara Benson, a music teacher in the trilingual school, and Chen Zhisheng, a volunteer Chinese teacher, played the Chinese classic music “Song Of Homebound Fishman” with flute and Erhu respectively. The conception of the combination of Chinese and the Western factors was picturesque. The applause from the audience kept going.